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Poverty Simulation - February 9th 9am-12noon with lunch following. Sign up today!


Across the nation, the poverty that plagues inner cities has migrated to the suburbs and North Fulton is part of this phenomenon.  North Fulton Community Charities has been charged with promoting awareness of this growing challenge in our community with the hopes of increasing empathy and assistance for those most in need.   We believe that when you host a Poverty Simulation, you help us in fulfilling this goal. 

This event is not a game but an interactive exercise which allows participants the opportunity to experience a version of the difficulties low income families in our community face on a daily basis.  The materials are provided by the Missouri Association for Community Action, and there are many videos of Poverty Simulations on YouTube of this profoundly moving event.

We provide all of the materials and some of the volunteers to run the activity.  We may ask for additional volunteers.  There is no fee, but we ask that you tell others about us and consider a donation to an agency fighting poverty. 

         Why take part? It’s an Amazing Experience

  • Creates empathy in the community for those struggling
  • Promotes team cooperation and problem solving
  • Encourages discussion and social responsibility
  • Breaks down stereotypes of low income households

Who can participate? Small to Large groups

  • 30-160 participants will role-play the lives of typical struggling families in meeting their needs of food, shelter and other basic necessities.
  • We break them into family units of 2-5 people.
  • Ages 15 and up are recommended. 12 and up if mature.

How long does it take? 3 hours

  • 1 hour to set up and prep volunteer helpers
  • 1 ½ hour to conduct the simulation for participants
  • ½ hour to discuss and process experience with participants

What does it cost?  No charge

  • However, we appreciate donations. It costs about $250 to run a Simulation but we never want cost to prevent a group from participating.

Community Assistance Center

The Community Assistance Center (CAC) is the primary help agency in the Sandy Springs and Dunwoody neighborhoods. As such, we offer compassionate assistance to our neighbors in need by providing food, clothing and financial support for rent and utilities.

In 2012, Rivercliff Lutheran Church agreed to open and completely staff the CAC facility at 1130 Hightower Trail, Sandy Springs, GA 30350 on the first Saturday of each month and we continue to do so. Service opportunities include the following: interviewing clients to determine eligibility for service; stocking the food pantry and helping clients choose the food they need. Another way to volunteer is to be a teacher for Microsoft Office products (Excel, Work, PowerPoint).


Time of service: 1st Saturday of each month from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm.


Training: Rarely needed, but available.


If Saturday doesn’t work for you, there are many opportunities available Monday through Friday.

If interested, please contact:


Judy Lagerbloom


Karen Michael

Please visit http://www.ourcac.org/ for further information about the Community Assistance Center in Sandy Springs and Dunwoody.

Habitat for Humanity

Habit for Humanity is a nonprofit organization which seeks to provide home ownership to the working poor by building and selling houses to qualified families in need. The selected families pay a no-interest mortgage and are required to put 350 hours of “sweat equity” on their new home.

Rivercliff Lutheran Church supports this ministry by helping to build homes in the North Fulton County area and also by joining forces with other local Lutheran churches to raise money through special fund drives, such as Taste of Habitat.

The Taste of Habitat is a great fundraising event, held annually where over 50 “chefs” – from various Churches in the Lutheran Coalition for Habitat – share foods they love to make. It’s a fun night of eating and drinking, great fellowship, live music, a silent auction and trivia.

If you are interested in serving with Rivercliff Lutheran Church to help Habitat for Humanity, please contact Wayne Smith here:


Wayne Smith

For more information, visit www.lutheranhabitat.org.

Hunger Walk/Run to Benefit the Atlanta Community Food Bank

Rivercliff Lutheran Church supports the Hunger Walk/Run annually in both charitable giving and Walk/Run participation to raise awareness for hunger relief through a sponsored 5K event every spring. All proceeds go to providing meals to the needy in Atlanta.

A group of enthusiastic walkers and runners from Rivercliff including extended family and friends heads to downtown Atlanta for the Walk/Run. It is a lot of fun and a good workout!

If you would like to participate this year, please contact Wayne Smith or Rich Farquhar:


Wayne Smith


Rich Farquhar

For more information on the hunger walk for the Atlanta Community Food Bank, please visit http://www.hungerwalkrun.org/.

Youth with a Mission Ministry in San Salvador, El Salvador

Rivercliff Lutheran Church has worked directly with Youth with a Mission (YWAM, JUCUM in Spanish) every summer since 2013. A group of individuals from Rivercliff has flown to San Salvador to the YWAM base to work in the Mission Field for one week along with the YWAM Missionaries, who live and work in San Salvador year-round.

YWAM are able to do their Good Works only through charitable giving. Rivercliff cheerfully contributes annually so that we can serve with YWAM and provide for everything necessary during our one-week of service.

We cheerfully serve those in San Salvador and in the Barrio in many ways:

  • Build a home for a family in the Barrio with new furniture, foundation, front door, roof and windows. The key presentation to the family is one of the highlights of the trip
  • Providing meals to the children in the Barrio twice during the week
  • Visitation at a local hospital to serve cookies, coffee, speaking with and praying for families, giving away homemade cross necklaces as a lasting gift
  • Visitation at a local university to meet with and pray with students
  • Provide meals to the homeless of San Salvador during 2 evenings, serving around 250 meals
  • Children’s program in the Barrio including Bible teaching, arts and crafts, singing and bringing the light of Jesus Christ to the children
  • Parents program with a homily. In addition, we hand out bibles in Spanish to adult attendees
  • Visiting homes in the Barrio, meeting families, praying for them, giving them a Bible in Spanish
  • Engage in a service at the YWAM base led by the Missionaries
  • Daily devotion as a group with the Missionaries

If you are interested in learning more about the trip to YWAM in San Salvador, please contact Michael (Miguel) Tull or Doug Huffman: 


Michael (Miguel) Tull


Doug Huffman

For more information on the Youth with a Mission, please visit http://jucumes.org/es/.

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